Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is not a simple or one-time process. It takes time, energy, thoughtfulness and continuous monitoring to ensure you stay on track. Few people invest enough time or apply enough thought to what is a critical component of living.

In our experience, even many of those who invest enough initial thought, fail to continually improve and adjust their plan as life circumstances change. The support and guidance of a knowledgeable advisor can help you avoid these mistakes. We can help you set your initial course and navigate the changes you’re going to need to make.

Here’s a partial list of questions you should ask yourself when you start planning for retirement:

  • 1) Have you engaged in lifestyle planning… meaning, do you know the things you want to do when you retire?
  • 2) Will you be able to maintain your standard of living when the paychecks stop?
  • 3) Are you managing your investment risk as you approach retirement? If so, are your investments in order?
  • 4) Do you have a back-up plan? (Life isn’t static, stuff-happens.)

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